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Terms & Conditions

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions the word company shall mean Bennett Gas Services Ltd And the word customer shall mean the person or organisation to whom we agree to supply goods and services to.
  2. The company reserves the right to decline work at its own discretion . Where the company agree to Carry out work we reserve the right to use an operative of the company at its own discretion.
  3. Hourly Rate work . The total charge to the customer shall consist of the total amount of time spent carrying out the works at the rate agreed prior to commencing the works including collection of materials for 30 minutes. Materials will be supplied at cost price to the company + 10% The customer will only be charged for time spent in relation to the customers work All charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.
  4. Fixed price work shall be given as a firm cost manifest errors exempted and shall include labour and materials a 50% deposit will be required before work commences.
  5. Where a written estimate has been supplied to the customer it may be revised if after submission of the estimate the customer instructs the company to carry out further works not referred to in the estimate or if after submission of the estimate there has been an increase in the cost of materials or if after commencing work it is found that further work is required which was not anticipated when the estimate was produced when repairing boilers sometimes parts have to be replaced before further faults can be diagnosed this will be chargeable to the customer as per these t conditions When changing from a traditional open vented system to a sealed pressurised system no responsibly can be accepted for the integrity of the existing system.
  6. All invoices are due for payment completion of work interest will be charged at4% over base rate charged on a daily basis until payment has been received in full. If payment is still outstanding after 7 days we will instruct a debt agency to collect payment and all costs passed to the customer all materials remain the property of the company until payment has been made in full.
  7. All standard work will carry a no quibble 12 month guarantee for the labour charged on the invoice with boiler installation the guarantee period as per the manufactures warranty will be as set out in the quotation supplied to the customer
  8. No guarantee can be given to boilers and systems that are over 10 years old as they should be considered ready for upgrade or replacement.
  9. When a system is power flushed the company will not accept liability for any damage caused by weak joints within the heating system that can burst under increased pressure no fixed price can be given for power flushing systems as sometimes the existing pipework may need to be flushed several times.
  10. When repairing gas boilers sometimes certain parts need to be fitted before a fault can become apparent no liability for increased costs will be accepted in this very rare event
  11. Acceptance of our goods, services or quotations is automatic acceptance that these terms and conditions have been read,understood and accepted.

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